A FOOD fight has broken out in Bolton — over which cafe serves up the biggest breakfast.

A cafe on the outskirts of the town centre is boasting an even larger brekkie than current world record holder, Mario’s Cafe in Market Street, Westhoughton.

Paige’s Cafe, in White Lion Brow, off Spa Road, contacted The Bolton News to stake its claim.

Owner and head chef Kurt Lingard boasts his 51-item monster meal is the real deal.

He said: “We’ve got everything you expect — including a cup of tea. You also get hash browns and fried bread. It is a real full English breakfast.”

The huge plate comes fully loaded with six eggs, six sausages, six rashers of bacon, six slices of toast, six slices of black pudding, six pieces of fried bread, six hash browns and, bizarrely, six slices of spam.

Mario’s Cafe serves up 10 of every item but his customers do not get hash browns, fried bread or any of Kurt’s maverick ingredient, spam.

And while it may be the most important meal of the day, chef Mario Frappola famous ly denies his diners a cup of tea to wash down their eggs and bacon.

Paige’s Cafe, however, allows challengers a huge cuppa — the mug holds a pint and needs two teabags to make a decent brew.

While the Italian chef’s “Ultimate Breakfast” costs £10.95 and diners have just 20 minutes to wolf it down, Kurt charges just a tenner and gives customers half an hour to polish off his dish.

On hearing about his challenger, Mario said: “Good luck to him — we will have to see which is biggest, but I have the certificate to prove it at the moment.

“I don’t think anyone will ever finish my breakfast. A man came from America last week on holiday. He said he would finish it no problem but he gave up half way through.”

steve.thompson@ theboltonnews.co.uk