A man has been arrested after an ambulance was damaged in Bolton.

Police were called to St Matthew's Walk, Bolton, at 1pm yesterday after 23-month-old Leah Keane burnt herself on a radiator.

The first-response car was at the scene within minutes, but while the paramedic was inside treating the youngster, vandals attacked the vehicle, scratching the paintwork, spitting on the windows and letting down the tyres.

The damage to the vehicle stopped the paramedic responding to any other emergency calls.

When an ambulance arrived, youngsters with what appeared to be BB guns - but which have since turned out to be toy pistols - threatened to shoot the crew.

Staff called for police backup, and six officers, one of whom was armed with a Taser, came to their assistance.

The ambulance crews were delayed from taking Leah to hospital for half an hour because of the attack.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and remains in police custody for questioning.