POLICE have been drafted in to keep the peace outside a primary school because tempers are flaring over parking problems.

Officers are carrying out daily patrols at Markland Hill Primary School because congestion at school opening and closing times is so bad that parents and residents are falling out.

The problem culminated in one lollipop lady fearing she was going to be attacked by an angry motorist.

Ann Castle has been doing the job for 15 years and last Wednesday broke down in tears after a motorist squared up to her.

It was sparked by congestion in Albert Road West outside the school.

The main entrance, in Markland Hill, has been closed since June for health and safety reasons while an extension is built at the school.

This includes new classrooms, an all weather pitch and play equipment.

Mrs Castle, aged 45, said: “People have been parking in the crossing area and won’t move.

“Last week one motorist was shouting at people and he got really mad at me when I was crossing the children.

“He came right up in my face, just inches away, and I thought he was going to hit me.

“It was scary and I got upset, this has never happened to me before. I will carry on doing my job because I am not prepared to give in to bullies.”

PC Shaun Vernon, community beat manager for Lostock, said: “Parents and residents are getting angry about the amount of traffic and we have been down there last week and this week to try and address any issues.”

The main entrance is expected to re-open next week.

Janet Coysh, head teacher, said: “We had to close the main entrance while the building work is going on for health and safety reasons because it is dangerous to children and parents.

“I would ask people to be patient and we expect that the main entrance will be open early next week which should help.”

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “There have been problems with parking around the school for years.

“I think the solution would be double yellow lines down, that would be a deterrent.”

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