POLICE in Bolton are to start naming and shaming local criminals who have been brought to justice.

Posters and leaflets with the criminal’s photograph, offence and details of their sentence will be displayed in the areas where they committed their crimes to show how they have been punished.

The aim of the initiative — which the Bolton division hopes to get up and running in January — is to show how justice is being done.

It is being backed by the Ministry of Justice, which yesterday published long-awaited guidance to police forces — so they do not breach criminals’ human rights.

In Bolton, the posters are likely to focus on persistent burglars, thieves and robbers.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said: “People in Greater Manchester want to know what happens to the offenders who are plaguing their communities.”

In a recent survey in Manchester 87 per cent of residents in an area where the posters were used felt “more positive” about the police after being given the information.

Greater Manchester Police released controversial posters in April showing how two members of Manchester’s notorious Gooch Gang will look after up to 35 years in jail.

Eleven members of the gang were described as treating the city “like the Wild West” as a judge sentenced them for murder, drug and gun offences.

It was hoped that the poster would act as a deterrent to anyone considering a life of crime.

However, the human rights organisation Liberty campaigned against the move on behalf of the gang’s families, saying it breached their human rights.

That led to police seeking clarification on the law from the Ministry of Justice.

Mr Sweeney added: “Offenders across Greater Manchester should be warned that they could end up being named and shamed within their communities.”