THERE was something in the sky in Bolton over Christmas week — and it was not the bright star of Bethlehem.

Residents in Edgworth and Harwood were so convinced they had spotted unidentified UFOs they posted their encounters on the UK UFO Sightings website.

In Edgworth, on December 22, at around 11.30pm, a witness calling himself John wrote: “I saw two ball shaped white lights. The two lights appeared to be ‘playing’ with each other in a sort of sideways dancing motion moving quite fast from side to side before disappearing.

“We watched them for about 20 minutes”

He said other neighbours reported weird lighting over the next couple of days.

“They think this is actually lightning, but it can’t explain our sighting,” he stated.

On December 27, at 11.10pm in Harwood, Thomas and Lynne reported “about six or seven lights dancing and chasing each other visible on clouds as if projected from the ground but no beam of light was visible. It may have been a light show.”

Later at 1.20am, they said four V-shaped objects “outlined in redy-orange coloured lights travelled across the sky . . .”