A VICTIM of a “bad blood” scandal, which saw haemophiliacs given contaminated blood, is hoping to get justice for his birthday today.

David Fielding, who turns 54, contracted hepatitis B and C and needed a liver transplant, while his brother Brian was infected with HIV and died in 1990, aged 46.

Mr Fielding, of Farnworth, was among more than 100 people, including Brian Iddon MP, lobbying MPs at the House of Parliament on Wednesday.

They were looking for support for the Contaminated Blood Bill, which aims to implement the recommendations of a public inquiry which have been largely ignored by the government.

The Bill, which goes before the Commons today, includes measures like compensation for victims and a committee to advise on haemophilia.

Mr Fielding said: “Now it is just fingers crossed that the Bill goes through, if it does it will be the best birthday present ever.”