HE helped to create Bolton’s coat of arms when it was redesigned in 1974.

Now former town hall solicitor, Mike Cresswell has his own version of the famous emblem after commissioning an artist to create one.

Mr Cresswell, who worked at Bolton Council for more than 20 years, will bequeath the piece of art in his will to Bolton Council when he dies, and it will be hung in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Mr Cresswell, who also used to organise walking holidays for people in Bolton, had the idea for the new coat of arms when he retired last year.

He said: “I wanted something different, more lively and energetic and less official looking, so I commissioned this painting.

“The Mayor thought, as I do, that it is magnificent.”

The painting displays, for the first time, the “heraldic standard” — a flag — which Bolton Council is entitled to.

Mr Cresswell, from Bradshaw, said the town is allowed the standard, because it has a shield, a crest, a badge and a motto.

The Mayor of Bolton Cllr Norman Critchley said: “It is fantastic and it will be a wonderful gift for the Town Hall.

“Mike has done a tremendous amount for this town and we are very grateful for this new painting.”

Mr Cresswell used to write Mike’s Hikes in the Bolton Evening News.

He organised walking tours all over the north of England for the last 25 years.

Some of his walkers organised a collection for his retirement and he used the money to commission the new coat of arms. The vibrant design was created by artist Jim Winstanley.