I WAS interested to read the Letters page in the Bolton Evening News about using the old Odeon Cinema as a skating rink.

Being an old Boltonian now living in Heywood, I enjoyed many days and nights at the Alnor Hall -Little Rink, as it was known -in Bridgeman Place in the 1950s. I also went to the Navada, owned by Mr and Mrs Walsh.

Yes, let's bring back the rollers.

As you may recall, I am trying to get a reunion going of all the people who went to the Little Rink all those years ago.

It's a brilliant hobby, and, provided it's done properly, it's a great thing to enjoy.

We had so many great nights. We were taught to dance on skates as well, especially at Christmas time when we all had new outfits to show off.

And what a great idea to bring life back to the Odeon. We don't want any more bingo halls.

S Walker

Sabden Close