LETTERS are being sent to drunken yobs warning them they will be banned from Bolton town centre if they continue to behave in anti-social manner.

Night-time town centre manager Laura Miseo has so far written to 137 people who have landed themselves in trouble in the town centre after drinking alcohol.

Anyone who continues to misbehave after receiving a letter will be asked to agree to conditions limiting their visits to the town centre as part of an Acceptable Behaviour Contract or, if they refuse, they could be banned altogether under an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

So far Ms Miseo claims there has been a positive response to her warnings with only two people getting into trouble again.

She said: "Bolton is a great night out and we do not want any idiots to spoil it for people who want to come here to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

"The letters have been quite effective. They arrive on people's doorsteps when they have sobered up and it makes them think twice about their behaviour."

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts are an agreement between the police, council and members of the public who agree to curb their behaviour and in some cases, not to enter parts of the town centre.

The majority of people who have been written to have already received fixed penalty fines of either £50 or £80 for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Under the system which was introduced last June, people arrested for drunken behaviour can choose to accept the on-the-spot fines after a night in the cells or challenge a criminal conviction through the courts. Bolton Police are also reminding young people that they could be hit with the fines - the equivalent of the cost of a new pair of trainers - if they take part in any form of drunk and disorderly or anti-social behaviour in Bolton town centre.

Chief Superintendent Dave Lea, head of the Safer Bolton Strategic Partnership, which includes Greater Manchester Police, the council, trading standards and local licensees, said: "We are working hard with our partners in Bolton to make the town a safer place and to reduce the incidents of alcohol-related violent crime.

"Licensees are working closely with us to tackle the problem of those who cause trouble through irresponsible drinking by asking for ID using the proof-of-age card, and refusing to serve those who are drunk."