WE often assume the reason for feeling sluggish is down to too many late nights, lack of sleep or being overworked. We rarely think the real reason could be vitamin deficiency or a toxin overload.

A new alternative health option called Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is being introduced to find out exactly why we have a tendency to feel inactive and lethargic - and now it's coming to Bolton.

HEALTH educator Niki Gratrix and co-director Alex Howard from The Optimum Health Clinic London are on a mission to give us more energy and vibrancy for life.

To help them achieve their goal they are bringing Life Blood Analysis and an Optimum Health roadshow to the North-west, including a visit to Bolton.

Nutritional advisor and yoga instructor Niki said: "The primary aim of the talk and workshop is to educate and inspire people to take control of their health.

"We would come and do a talk about the keys to optimum health based on our clinical experience and the latest research.

"This would cover some psychology, exercise and yoga but mainly nutrition. We would cover our latest health screening techniques which include the Live Blood Analysis."

The procedure for LBA is simple. A tiny pin prick of blood is taken from your finger and dropped onto a slide.

The slide is then placed under a powerful microscope where the image can be magnified and shown onto a high resolution TV screen. From the magnified cells you can clearly see the red and white blood cells, the platelets and the blood plasma. Any imbalances are instantly recognised and your levels of toxicity and any nutrient deficiencies are noted.

If your red blood cells are not perfectly shaped with a proper structure the flexibility and movement of the cell is severely affected, making its job harder to do.

This could mean that tissue levels of oxygen and nutrients in the body will fall, causing fatigue, low energy levels and sickness.

If you experience any of those problems then Niki or Alex will recommend you change your diet and try to introduce your body to herbs, natural supplements and detoxification protocols. Also a follow-up session is recommended.

When the roadshow comes to Bolton, Niki and Alex hope to hold the two day workshop at the Quakers Meeting Centre. At the workshop you can sign up for LBA and be tested the very next day.

Visitors must be aware that the main aim of the analysis is to look for general indications of health imbalances, so it should not replace any testing or advice from a qualified doctor.

Visit www.theoptimumhealthclinic.com for advice, to find out more about the Bolton roadshow.