INFAMOUS murder suspect Lord Lucan is alive and well - and living in Bolton.

That is according to two insurance firms which have sent out letters in his name to retired teacher Steve Scully.

Mr Scully has received mail addressed to the peer, who mysteriously vanished in 1974 having allegedly killed his children's nanny in the belief that she was his wife.

He was bemused when a letter from a company called Liverpool Insurance arrived at his home in Lovat Road, Breightmet, in the name of "Lord L. Lucan".

But he says he could not believe it when a second letter in the same name arrived a day later - from rival insurance firm More Than.

Mr Scully, aged 54, first thought he had been the victim of a practical joke by friends. But he discovered after ringing More Than that the mix-up was more likely to be a genuine computer error.

He said: "I was baffled when the first letter came, and then there was another. I couldn't believe it.

"It was really odd, but my wife and I found it really funny that two companies could make the mistake."