THE Muffin Men play at The Met, Bury, on March 22, bringing with them a level of musicianship that leaves the term "tribute band" far behind.

Performing the music of Frank Zappa, with a little Captain Beefheart thrown in for good measure, the Muffin Men bring their own considerable talent to this innovative, original and inspiring music.

Taking on rock, jazz, blues, avant-garde, classical, doo-wop and all the other styles Frank Zappa incorporated in his compositions, the "Muffins" take it all in their stride and play just how Frank would have liked it.

Formed in 1990 for a one-off gig to mark Zappa's 50th birthday, The Muffin Men proved to be a hit and have gone on to play hundreds of shows all over the world.

Since 1993, Jimmy Carl Black has been a regular contributor and collaborator to the band.

He was the original Mothers Of Invention drummer and vocalist, who also drummed for Captain Beefheart and appeared alongside Ringo Starr and Keith Moon in Zappa's cult film 200 Motels.

He will be appearing at The Met alongside the regular six-piece band to act as guest vocalist and bring a little of that original Zappa magic to the show.

Tickets are now on sale at £10 (£8 concessions) and are available from The Met ticket office on 0161 761 2216, or online via