THOUSANDS of leaflets are being distributed to find out Bolton people's views on bus corridors.

The survey is part of a major initiative to introduce Quality Bus Corridors linking Bolton to Irlams o'th' Height, and Moses Gate to Redvales and Whitefield.

A Quality Bus Corridor is where special routes for buses are laid out in order to improve travel times, but which also take into consideration groups such as cyclists and pedestrians.

When the routes are mapped out, planners also try to build in extras such as parking bays outside shops so buses are not held up by shoppers cars.

Pedestrian crossings are installed where road and traffic conditions allow. There are also plans to adapt traffic lights so they they sense a bus approaching and change to green. Some buses have also been fitted with satellite trackers to enable screens inside the buses to show information on arrival times.

The leaflets are being sent to residents and businesses, to find out the type of problems faced by people who live, work and travel in these areas.

The feedback will play an important role in developing the schemes to improve conditions for bus users, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Councillor Nick Peel, Bolton spokesman for Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority, said: "These schemes are aimed at improving transport for local communities.

"We feel people who live and work along the routes are best placed to tell us the types of problems they face when moving around the area - whether that be problems with buses, congestion, or crossing busy roads.

"This kind of feedback will help us develop proposals that will benefit everyone - not just bus users.

"Cyclists, pedestrians and car users all stand to gain from these schemes and I urge people to make their views known at this early stage.

"It's as simple as taking a few moments to make a phone call, submit comments on the GMPTE website, or filling in the response slip attached to the consultation leaflet.

"The ultimate aim is to make sure the buses run on time. Research has shown that on the Derby Street to Leigh bus corridor usage has increased the more the buses run to timetable."

Up to £75,000 has already been spent on iproving bus stops along Bury road and Bradford Street in Bolton.

Details of the planned bus corridors will be displayed at local libraries over the next few weeks. Those who require further details can either call a free information line on 0800 652 8646, or log on to

The schemes are being planned through a partnership between the GMPTE, local councils and the Government Office North West, in consultation with local bus operators.