A DISABLED resident of a block of council flats constantly attacked by arsonists has called for the building to be demolished.

Paul Everton, who lives in the block of flats in Newcombe Drive, Little Hulton, with his 19 year-old son, said no-one wanted to live there anymore and demolition would be the best option for the council.

Vandals have been entering unoccupied flats and setting furniture and rubbish alight.

The arson attacks have driven many residents away from the 18-flat complex. Only a handful remain.

Mr Everton, aged 43, has called on council chiefs to take action.

He said: "There's been so much damage and trouble here that it would be best to pull the flats down and rehouse us elsewhere.

"Nobody wants to live here anymore and I'm tempted to go and find somewhere private."

Last Wednesday, firefighters were called out to three fires started deliberately at the block of flats - one shortly after midnight, another at 4am and then another at 6.30am.

Piles of rubbish were set alight outside the flats, then in the third fire, the vandals managed to break into one of the empty flats and started a blaze inside.

Mr Everton said: "The situation is ridiculous and it's about time they found a solution to this problem."

Vandals are also smashing flat windows and trashing the inside of vacant properties.

"My wheelchair is constantly getting punctures because of the smashed glass," said Mr Everton.

Firefighters have asked the council to secure the empty flats with metal plates, rather than wooden boards, to make them more secure.

Rob Coote, station officer at Farnworth, said: "Parts of Little Hulton are notorious for fires.

"Arson attacks are a nuisance to the community and we are trying to educate youngsters by going into schools in the area.

"Youths have been entering empty properties and ripping the boards up from the floors.

"Our firefighters have been speaking to community safety wardens to try and reduce the problem."

A spokesman for Salfrod City Council said: "We are aware of the difficult situation in this area at present."

He said a special study was being made of Newcombe Drive in consultation with local residents.

"This process is designed to find the best long term future for this area and should be completed later this summer," he said.