A MOTHER is hoping for the best belated 40th birthday present she could possibly receive - a new kidney.

Gina Cook has just celebrated the milestone, and is urging Bolton people to add their name to the organ donor register and give her a better chance of living a normal life.

Mrs Cook, of Top O'th' Brow, has been on dialysis for more than two years.

Her kidneys started to fail when she gave birth to her son Ryan in November 2002, because he was born two months prematurely.

She underwent an emergency Caesarean when doctors discovered a blood clot after problems with her blood pressure. Mrs Cook is still hoping her kidneys might recover, but a transplant in the future is looking more and more likely.

All she wants to be is a full-time caring mother for Ryan, now aged two, who has mild cerebral palsy. Mrs Cook said: "Having a new kidney would just make my life normal again.

"I've been on dialysis for two years, and it feels like forever. But there are people at the renal unit who are far worse off then me - I don't know how they cope.

"It upsets me that if we went on a family holiday, I would have to be away from my husband and son for five hours at a time, three times a week. It upsets me that I can't eat certain foods, and other foods make me feel ill.

"I'm tired all the time and am just worn out with it all. My mum is 60 and she has more energy than me!

"Dialysis has taken over my whole life and I'm not in control any more. It makes me angry, sometimes, but I have no choice.

"I'm just glad I've got Ryan and my family, who do so much to help me."

To celebrate her 40th birthday, her husband Andrew whisked Mrs Cook away for a weekend in York, after re-arranging her dialysis sessions.

On her actual birthday, staff at the renal unit decorated her bed with banners, and she later enjoyed a meal with her family.

There are 40 people in Bolton on the kidney transplant register.

If you want to register as an organ donor, telephone 0845 60 60 400.