On Sunday morning we returned to our home after being evacuated, due to the gas leak on Bolton Road.

We spent three nights away from home, two of these with our son, and the final night being at the Holiday Inn.

I feel I must thank the people involved in this evacuation, firstly to the unknown gentleman who rang our doorbell at 10pm on Thursday night to inform us of this potentially catastrophic leak of gas, which enabled us to contact the emergency services.

Secondly to the fire service and police for removing people from such a large number of properties so quickly, not forgetting Greater Manchester ambulance service for evacuating the local elderly residents to places of safety.

Thanks must also go to Transco, fronted by Jaqueline Jackson, for working so hard to repair the leak, in extremely inclement weather, some of whom worked 26 hour shifts

I know the adverts on television state the AA are the fourth emergency service, don't believe them, Transco certainly are for their nerve at working with a live gas main!

Final thanks to the staff at Holiday Inn for "bending" the rules and allowing our dog to stay with us.

Lesley and Andrew Sykes

Bolton Road