TOWN CENTRE bosses carried out a spot check over the weekend to ensure door staff were working legally.

Bolton Town Centre Company night time manager Laura Miseo visited every bar and club in the town centre to find out if door staff had obtained new licences needed under laws introduced at the end of last year.

Ms Miseo carried out 68 checks and was found that there were no doorstaff working illegally.

Eighteen of those who were checked had passed mandatory training courses and an exam but had not yet received their licences.

By law, doormen who do not have a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority must be removed from the premises.

Ms Miseo said: "I was very pleased that there were no doorstaff working illegally on the night.

"We had been worried that if there were not enough licensed doorstaff, we would have to stop some venues from operating until the problem was resolved.

"Thankfully, it did not come to that.

"I am satisfied that some door staff are still waiting for their documents, and checks have proved this to be true, and that untrained doorstaff will not be allowed to work."

It is estimated only 75 door staff in Bolton have obtained the new licence.

Warning letters had been sent out reminding licensed premises about the new legislation.

Applications can take up to six weeks to process.