THE crucial match at Top Bull gave satisfaction to both sides.

Top Bull got the darts points so they now go clear at the top.

Old Cross took the dominoes to keep space between them and Wilton in the domino league.

The latter had a good night when they entertained Staff of Life. They lost the first two at darts then took the next five, and the bones by the fourth.

Last Orders had to wait until the third leg of the last game before squeezing the points away from a chirpy Beer Engine, who had come back to level three times. It was a last game settler for dominoes as well.

Masons showed the form they have been missing as they trounced Stopes Tavern, the visitors claiming only two legs all night. Stopes took the dominoes though and are handily poised if the top teams slip up.

It must have seemed a long way back from Ainsworth for a dejected Wellington as Duke William took all the points, claiming the darts by the sixth, and after going 0-1 down at bones, took the next four.

A bad result this for Wellington, especially as Victoria finally found winning ways again at dominoes, taking the first four before Tavern got some consolation.

A different story at darts though with Bridge taking the first three, dropping two then mopping up the rest.

Turf had a good night at the expense of St Mary's, claiming the darts by the fourth and coming from 2-1 down at bones to take the last two.


(Dominoes in brackets)


Wilton Arms 5(3), Staff of Life (2); Last Orders 4(3), Beer Engine 3(2); Masons 7(1), Stopes Tavern 0(4); Top Bull 5(1), Old Cross 2(4).


P Pt

Top Bull 13 22

Papermakers 12 20

Masons 13 18

Last Orders 12 16

Old Cross 13 16

Wilton 12 8

Stopes 13 6

Beer Engine 12 4

Staff of Life 12 4


P Pt

Old Cross 13 20

Wilton 12 18

Stopes 13 16

Masons 13 14

Staff of Life 12 12

Papermakers 12 10

Top Bull 13 10

Last Orders 12 8

Beer Engine 12 6


St Marys SC 2(2), Turf 5(3); Duke William 5(4), Wellington 2(1); Victoria 2(4), Bridge Tavern 5(1).


P Pt

Duke William 10 18

Bridge Tavern 10 16

Swan & Railway 10 16

St Marys 11 10

Old Tower 10 8

Victoria 11 8

Turf 11 4

Wellington 11 4


P Pt

Victoria 11 16

Wellington 11 14

Duke William 10 12

Bridge Tavern 10 10

Swan & Railway 10 10

Turf 11 10

Old Tower 10 8

St Marys 11 4