I write to say that in 2004 I underwent cryosurgery for prostate cancer in Guildford Hospital, I was required to pay £10,500 for this life-saving treatment, like Mr Norburn I had been refused funding on the NHS.

Had I not been able to find the money I believe I might well have succumbed to this terrible disease within a matter of months.

I read in the Bolton Evening News (sent to me by a friend) that Bob had undergone a similar experience and like me had been required to pay moe than £8,000 to have cryosurgery in Sunderland.

I followed the progress of Mr Norburn's campaign by reading your paper online, and managed to contact him by phone.

Bob helped me take my case to an appeal, and guided by his experience, I campaigned for the return of my money. After some 6-8 weeks of letter writing and quoting the precedent set by Bob I am delighted to let you know that I have gained a full refund from the Surrey Health Authorities.

I know that I would not have gained this refund except for the efforts made by Mr Norburn, he blazed the trail and with the support of the media managed to overturn the injustice of these postcode lotteries.

"I owe a debt of gratitude to Bob for helping me get my money back.

Now that the precedent has been set, cryosurgery should be a life-saving option to all men with prostate cancer throughout the country, without regard to where they live or their financial status.

Major Anthony C Lewing



Horseshoe Lane

Ash Vale