HAVING listened and read about the pros and cons of the Market Hall issue, and as an old timer, I would like to say the following: Bolton will never ever compete with Manchester city centre nor will Bolton come anywhere near the magnificence of the Trafford Centre.

Various matters come to mind, too many to mention except that Bolton does not have the road infrastructure or the parking facilities to be a big player.

Bolton is a cosy market town and that is where we excel.

We have a host of self employed, hard working cogs that make this town tick. I want to do my business with them when I can.

If Agora are so good at making shopping centres successful well then there are many areas within 500 yards of the Market Hall where it can wave its magic wand.

The council should not give the town's crown jewels away.

When I signed my support for the Market Hall it was also on behalf of my children. The average family is 2.2 x 80,000 signatures =161,600.

Right now I feel along with the others that Agora is continually insulting our intelligence

Kian Kent

Ellesmere Rd