A CORONER has warned people of the danger of mixing medication with drink following the death of a Bolton man.

Martin John Flanaghan, of Houghton Street, Great Lever, died from a lethal overdose of drugs and alcohol.

Mr Flanaghan, aged 32, was found collapsed behind his front door by his father James Flanaghan in February.

Mr Flanaghan, who had suffered from a drink problem and alcohol-related seizures since 1996, was taking painkilling drugs after he chipped his collarbone.

The inquest was told that Mr Flanaghan was also taking medication for schizophrenia at the same time, and this combination of drugs and drink resulted in his death.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Bolton Coroner Jennifer Leeming said she believed Mr Flanaghan took too much medicine but did not plan to take his own life.

Mrs Leeming said people should not mix alcohol with their medication.

"People should respect the medication they are taking," she said. "It is the combination of drugs and alcohol that causes death and people don't realise the danger that they are putting themselves into."