PHOENIX Nights star Dave Spikey wants to film his latest comedy series in Adlington.

The six-part TV show Dead Man Weds is set in a typical small northern town with storylines and characters based around the local newspaper office - the Fogburrow Advertiser and News (FAN).

Dave said: "My idea is for it to be filmed locally, as Fogburrow is based on my experiences of small towns around here.

"There are restrictions on distance from the Manchester Granada offices, so judging by my geography Adlington is perfect and it has most of the characteristics I need.

"Fogburrow is a typical small northern town that used to exist because of a mill and now survives on tourism.

"It has a canal and pretty countryside, and on the moors there was a big important battle during the English Civil War. We also need pubs, shops, businesses and all the other normal town amenities like a post office. We would be really lucky to find all of that in one place, but Adlington seems to have most of it. And it means I don't have to travel far to work!"

The series is based around five main characters working at the FAN, with Johnny Vegas already cast as the disgruntled chief reporter and Dave planning to play the new editor Gordon Garden himself.

A location manager is due to spend next week visiting possible sites before making the final decision.

Dave has written four of the six half-hour episodes and filming is expected to start in September, with the series being shown on ITV in January.