THE Looking Back piece on Rivington recently has brought a response from "loyal BEN reader" Andrew Robert Ferrier.

Mr Ferrier says it was misleading to suggest that the Rivington Bungalow was destroyed by the suffragette Edith Rigby on July 8, 1913.

"It was not the bungalow that was destroyed by fire, it was Roynton Cottage," Mr Ferrier tells me.

He goes on: "This building was the first Rivington home of Lord Leverhulme and was of a wooden construction designed and built in Manchester by the Portable Building Company.

"Consequently, after the destruction of this building a new house was built -- 'the Bungalow'.

The remains can be seen today."

Mr Ferrier continues: "After the death of Lord Leverhulme in 1925, the Bungalow was then owned by John Magee, founder of Magee Marshall Ltd Brewery.

"It was used as a billet for troops in the Second World War and was demolished in 1947."

He adds: "My late grandmother used to tell me tales of when she danced in the ballroom at the Bungalow during the early part of the 1900s.

"Also, my father can recall playing in the derelict building during his childhood."