BACK from holiday and straight back into work -- no rest for the wicked eh?

June Sarpong and I hosted the Music Magazine Dance Awards 2002 on Tuesday night and what a brilliant night it was.

EVERYONE was there -- John Digweed, Norman Cook, Brandon Block, Zoe Ball and Sara Cox -- all the major crew and we all had a fantastic night.

There were loads of brilliant acts on -- watch out for a dance combo called The Cuban Brothers, they are absolutely hilarious and you'll laugh 'till it hurts. I mean it, keep an eye out for these guys. Amazing.

June and I were in Durham on Wednesday and Thursday when we hosted the fresher's ball at the university there. I tell you, these students certainly know how to throw a party. We had a great laugh up there and even managed to get up early enough the next morning to do a bit of filming for T4 before heading back to London.

This week on T4 we're having a Westlife weekend, so that should please lots of young ladies no end.

I haven't been out on the town this week -- too busy working of course -- but I suppose when you're doing something like the Music Awards, it's as good as any night out.

Anyway, I'll keep you up to speed on what's happened this week, next week.

And if you look in the Bolton Evening News tomorrow you'll find out about something soooo exciting I'm doing later this year.

See you next week.