THE NAME Digby Fairweather is well known among jazz aficionados. Besides being a trumpet/cornet player of outstanding ability, Digby has spent many years teaching and broadcasting and is a hugely knowledgeable and personable man.

His autobiographical 'Notes From A Jazz Life,' is a wonderfully entertaining amble along memory lane, packed with stories of his ups and downs as a jazz musician.

Digby devotes a significant section to his friendship with Clitheroe jazz pianist, the late Stan Barker, one of the most talented musicians the Red Rose county has ever produced.

Stan's reputation spread way beyond the frontiers of his native Lancashire and he and Digby, who met and became firm friends in the late 1970s, laid the foundations of a new educational project called 'Jazz College'. For some years subsequently, the pair toured schools and arts centres, spreading the gospel of jazz and teaching fledgling musicians the finer points of composition and soloing. I have absolutely no doubt that many of you who (hopefully) read these jottings will recall the name Stan Barker with affection and that is just one reason for buying.

His book is in paperback (£7.99 plus £1 postage) from Northway Publications 020-7263 9663. It is skilfully compiled, honest, and packed with anecdotes which will entertain as well as inform. I thoroughly recommend it, particularly as Digby devotes quite a chunk to his friendship with the late Stan Barker of Clitheroe, a wonderful jazz pianist.

Jeriatric Jazz will be in concert at The Bolton Central Library Theatre on Friday, November 1. This will be one of the few opportunities we get to play under concert conditions and we are very much looking forward to it. It will be just like the Theatre Royal in the good old days of the 1950s