IF you happened to pop down to Juice on Thursday you might have noticed that meeting members of the opposite sex just got a whole lot easier.

That's because the brains behind Juice have launched a new venture based on an idea by Manchester's infamous clubnight, Popstastic. Before now, if you saw took a shine to someone across a crowded bar you'd have to pluck up the courage to go over, think of something devastatingly witty and intelligent to say and then pray they don't walk off while you are in mid-rant about your collection of First World War helmets.

But no longer. On a Thursday night at Juice, everyone who walks through the door gets allocated a number. Then, if you spot someone you fancy, you can create a seductive message for that person. You know something like "Number 101, Number 53 thinks you look like Holly Valance" or "Number 76, get your coat, you've pulled". And all your gems of seduction will be put up on a board for the object of your affection to spot, or, possibly, to be read out by the DJ!

So what's this new club night called? Well, being a family newspaper and very easily offended(!) we wouldn't like to say. However, it is two words, the second one is Tag and the first one rhymes. Sussed it yet? No, of course not, you're far too innocent, aren't you?