IF you're looking for a great Chrissie present for someone you really like, give them Peter Kay's audio CD or cassette of his "Live At The Top of the Tower" performance.

The Bolton comedian covers all the important questions in life: why do mums buy rubbish fizzy pop? Aren't slippers really fast to run in? How dangerous is spitting rain?

It really is hilarious, especially with the genuine laughter of a live audience, and the ideal chance to have Peter with you in the car or wherever, piling on the jokes.

I played this on the journey to work and really didn't care that two taxi drivers and a binman were badly affected by the sight of a woman having hysterics, completely alone in her vehicle.

Invest in it as a gift -- or better still, keep it yourself!

Available from W H Smiths and record shops like HMV, Virgin etc, at £9.99 for the CD, and £6.99 for the cassette.