IN the early 1940s, 15-years-old Betty Yates, of Holmes Cottages, Halliwell, was photographed displaying an apron by which she had raised £5 for Mrs Churchill's Aid-to-Russia Fund.

The apron had been signed by dozens of local people who had paid 6d each for the privilege, and Betty then embroidered the signatures.

Betty's mother Lily was standing at the back admiring the work, and the little girl standing on the stool was Jennie Haselden, who lived next door.

It was Jennie (now Mrs Aspinall, of Wilmot Street, Halliwell) who brought the picture to me, and she tells me that she still has the stool!

Betty, it seems, now lives near New Barking, Essex, but Jennie does not know what happened to the apron.