HOW interesting to read in the Bolton Evening News that Wigan Council are enforcing fixed penalty fines for litter-dropping!

Why can't Bolton Council follow suit? Judging from the state of the streets, they would quickly make enough to fund the many projects they now "can't afford".

Two pages earlier, we read that Wigan (again) are using "six or seven grimebusters from the Greater Manchester probation service" to remove chewing gum, graffiti and flyposters. They are using a machine that dissolves the chewing gum and the glue used to attach the posters. Surely another idea well worth copying to get rid of the unsightly mess we see daily in our town?

Another new eyesore is the huge sign recently put up on a building directly facing The Water Place and Morrisons town centre store -- XXX SEX SHOP -- written twice in brilliant white lettering on a bright-red background. This gives an extremely poor impression of our town to visitors who have come in to use The Water Place, especially as the sign is displayed so prominently in an area frequented by many young children. Is it legal to put up such a sign? And am I the only person to have found it offensive?

What do other readers think?

C A Wilson

Milford Road

Great Lever, Bolton