SO it's official. We are to lose The Water Place.

And yet the only response from Cllr Stuart Lever and David Crausby MP is to suggest that Bolton has an "Olympic-style" pool situated on yet another of Bolton's fast disappearing open green spaces -- namely Queens Park or Moss Bank Park. If they can't afford to keep one pool open, how can they afford to build another?

But this is the sort of nonsense that the general public has come to expect. No wonder Bolton and the nation are, on the whole, in a mess. But why should they care? It's only OUR money they keep wasting time after time.

The Water Place was only built in the late 1980s, and yet it's to be pulled down. It's a good job that Bolton Council planners didn't build the Pyramids in Egypt -- for they wouldn't have lasted for thousands of years and still be there! If Messrs Lever and Crausby want an Olympic-style pool at an Olympic-style price, let them foot the bill. Most people were quite happy with the one we already had. These politicians want to try living on planet Earth.

S Corns

Almond Street, Bolton