R3: JAN 16:

West Ham 0-0 Bolton 42,300

A goalless draw meant a second game would have to be played at Burnden Park.


Bolton 1-0 West Ham Scorer - Halford - 21,539

Halford's second goal of the season sent Wanderers into the fourth round.

R4: JAN 30:

Bolton 1-1 Norwich Scorer - Westwood - 24,791

A draw at home to Norwich meant a long trip to East Anglia for the return.


Bolton 2-1 Norwich (aet) Scorers - Anderson, Milsom - 30,108

Wanderers finally won this contest after a further 120 minutes of football.

R5: FEB 20:

Bolton 0-5 Manchester City 60,979

Man City were unstoppable as they romped to a 5-0 victory.