STIG Tofting was found guilty of striking the owner of the Cafe Ketchup and a chef, during a party for the Danish squad after the team's World Cup defeat by England.

His agent Karsten Aabrink said: "Stig loves Bolton, he loves the club and he wants to continue to play here.

"Wanderers have said they are fully supportive.

"We spoke to Sam Allardyce yesterday."

He added: "Stig has taken this like a man. He has got two weeks to think about it now. His family supports him and Bolton supports him."

As Tofting left Copenhagen City Court yesterday he described the sentence as heavy and said he wanted "time to reflect" before deciding whether or not to lodge an appeal.

He told reporters he did not think his football career would be affected by his conviction.

The relatively light sentence came after the judge reduced the charges against Tofting to a lighter degree of assault from serious assault as originally sought by prosecutors.

Prosecutors decided to go ahead with charges against Tofting despite the fact that the victims had accepted apologies from the player.

They both shook hands with him when they arrived at the courtroom.

Tofting may only actually serve 80 days of his sentence if he does not launch an appeal within the next fortnight.

He looked nervous and agitated when he arrived at the court for the 9.30am trial, but he appeared calmer as it progressed.

He walked into the courtroom wearing a black pin-striped suit and black shoes. He was accompanied by his wife, his defence lawyer and his agent.

The Wanderers' midfielder told the court he and other members of the Danish squad and gone to the restaurant after returning home from the World Cup. During the meal he approached the manager, Patrick de Neef, and asked if he could turn down the music so the team could sing a Danish football song.

He admitted striking Mr de Neef on the head but said it was a reflex reaction, fearing he was about to be hit.

Tofting was restrained by other members of the Danish team while Mr de Neef left the restaurant.

The player managed to get up and made his way outside. He said he was confronted by the chef, Mr Michael Wilson, and other people.

Tofting admitted striking Mr Wilson outside the restaurant. The chef told the court he was standing between Tofting and the restaurant manager when he was hit. Police found Tofting in an alleyway with another player. He had blood on his shirt and scratches on his hand.

His defence lawyer argued that he should be given community service rather than a jail sentence.

But the judge said Tofting had committed a serious offence and should go to jail.

Kriminel Inspector Pers Jepson said he believed Tofting would be sent to an open prison since it was the first time the player had received a jail term.