A MOTHER whose son has been missing in Ibiza since last summer was today awaiting results of DNA tests on a body found on the island.

Jeffrey Hodgson, aged 40, from Stockport, went missing on the first day of a trip to the Spanish island with his parents in July last year.

The discovery of a body, thought to be his, came on the day it was confirmed that a body found on Menorca was that of Richard Riley, aged 77, from Tonge Fold, Bolton, who had vanished while on holiday with his family three weeks ago.

Jeffrey's mother, Pauline, had offered her support to the Riley family during the days when they awaited news of the pensioner.

Pauline Hodgson had spent more than a year trying to track down her mentally handicapped son who went missing on the first day of the holiday in Ibiza.

Mr Hodgson vanished as his parents were checking into their hotel in the resort of Cala Longa.

The family made a massive effort to find Mr Hodgson and returned to the island several times.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office yesterday confirmed that the body found on Ibiza may be Mr Hodgson.

He said: "We have been in touch the parents of Jeffrey Hodgson to notify them of the possibility that the body may be their son."

Richard Riley went missing three weeks ago while on holiday in the resort of Cala Galdana in Menorca.

He was away with his wife Agnes and daughters Angela and Jean. He vanished after saying he was going out walking.

His body was found in woods near Cala Galdana by a local man out picking mushrooms.