From the Evening News, October 17, 1992 - BOLTON sports centre in Silverwell Street will shut down next year. Councillors took the controversial decision last night because of financial reasons, which could mean the town centre being left with no facilities for up to 18 months while a buyer is sought for the site.

The biggest blow will be felt by hundreds of town centre office workers who work out at the complex every lunchtime.


From the Evening News,

October 18, 1977

PLANS for a multi-million pound redevelopment of part of Bolton town centre are being finalised. They will be presented to the local authority in the New Year by Greater Lancastria Co-operative Society. The Society is also planning in its area a continental-style hypermarket - "The biggest one around", according to Mr Howard Perrow, chief executive. There would be parking space for 1,000 cars.


From the Evening News,

October 18, 1952

MR R.C. Bentley, Bolton's Chief Fire Officer, has given a warning to owners of television sets about the dangers of fire from the magnifying lens. Yesterday the first fire in Bolton to be caused by a television lens broke out at 44, Southgrove-ave. There was no one in the house at the time and the fire was discovered by neighbours who were passing. Mr Bentley said the fire was caused by the television lens, which was on a stand in the bay window, and the sun's rays focused through the lens onto the side of an easy chair.

In August, 1950, the Home Office issued information on this matter stating that there was danger of fire where a lens was placed in the window of a radio shop to show its magnifying power. In private houses the danger is when the lens is on a stand, and when not in use, is put in the direct path of the sun's rays.


From the Evening News,

October 18, 1902

AN escape of current from the electric light mains at Portsmouth was the cause of some alarm and a good deal of amusement yesterday morning. It occurred near the town hall, a large part of the roadway becoming impregnated with electricity. First a horse drawing a light trap passed over the spot. The animal reared on its hind legs and tipped the cart and driver into the road. The man was not hurt, but the horse could not be induced to face the ordeal a second time.

On its being ascertained that the cables had leaked, a constable was placed at the spot to warn drivers to keep clear. In the meantime, several other horses cut amazing capers when they felt the shock of the current, and pedestrians gathered to watch the fun. Apparently the current spread, for whilst directing the current the constable himself was seen to hop as if he had stepped on a hot plate, and made a hasty retreat. Eventually the current was cut off.