I THINK fireworks should be banned completely, and, if that is not possible, restricted to November 5 only.

That way we would only have one day of stress for our pets.

I feel very strongly about this as a few years ago my dog was eating her dinner in the conservatory when a loud rocket exploded above. Within a few minutes she became very ill, and despite a rapid visit to the emergency vet, she died from a gastric torsion. My dog was only five years old and the incident happened at the beginning of October.

I now have another dog who is equally nervous about the bangs which are going on outside, and I relive the last situation every time.

Why should we have to put up with this nonsense so that people can get pleasure from letting off these things? Do we not have any rights to a peaceful and stress-free existence?

The sooner some new laws are brought in the better, although sadly it is going to be too late for this year, AGAIN.

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address supplied)