UP to last year, when my dog, after a series of strokes, the latest being very severe, had to be put to sleep, I, like so many pet owners, dreaded this time of year.

Fireworks, which once were limited to Bonfire Night in November, and which, incidentally, were nothing like those of today, which sound like bombs exploding, now are inflicted on us starting in October, and seem to be the norm all year. Any celebration seems to be incomplete without them.

My dog was reduced to a quivering wreck by the explosions. How does one explain to an animal what is happening?

Also Guy Fawkes was apprehended before he could set fire to Parliament, or cause any explosions. I fail to see the need for all the noise. Why not have colourful firework displays without the bangs?

Please, please, let us have a total ban on all noisy fireworks.

Mrs B Willets

Ambleside Close

Harwood, Bolton