I REFER to the article by Gayle Evans in the Bolton Evening News on October 9, and append my views thereon:

1. Shops proposing to sell fireworks should have to pay a high registration fee, and the premises should be inspected in the interests of safety.

2. All bangers should be banned (except in rockets), as, in the main, they are used by malevolent juveniles and youths to intimidate and harass older people. They make life a misery for many people and animals for weeks before and after November 5. I write from dreadful personal experience in this regard.

3. The remaining variety of fireworks should only be allowed to be sold up to 10 days prior to November 5 -- and no sales after that date.

4. During the rest of the year, fireworks should only be allowed to be sold for specially authorised, expertly administered displays.

M Richardson

Eagley Bank, Bolton