THIS site is based around a comedy night in Manchester that showcases up-and-coming acts.

The site works as a piece of comedy in itself, because not only does it include basic when and where information, it also provides "humourous" profiles of the acts involved. Two of the acts are Bolton comics Mark Langley and Swob.

Leave your computer at home and go and hear some real people tell jokes.


IF you have any interest in horse racing then this is the perfect website.

In fact, unlike many newspaper or magazine-based websites this really does have as much -- or more with the archives -- information as you will find in the actual Racing Post.

You can make a bet online and you can listen (or watch, if you are at work) to a live commentary on a race.


THERE is not much you can think of that someone does not collect... yes some people do collect body parts, in jars.

However, if you are a collector of something a little bit less queasy than body parts this is a very useful site.

You will find the usual collectibles, from china to dolls to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

However, the search facility will also supply you with links if your collecting habit leans towards something a bit away from the normal.


DID you know that tea is the most popular drink in the world?

Mind you, the coffee people probably claim the same thing.

If you want to know facts and figures about tea, the history of tea and the health aspects of drinking tea -- along with getting your tea leaves read (through a computer?) -- then this is the site for you.

Do you have a favourite website? Tell me about it on felson@boltoneveningnews.co.uk