DILBERT is of the world's most popular comic strips. On this site you get access to current Dilbert strips plus archives. You really could get square eyes reading them all. But that is not all. There are also links to no less than 86 other strips! Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, Agnes, Herman -- even Andy Capp. A comic strip lover's heaven.


FOR full and unbiased reports and tests on all manner of computer hardware this has to be the number one site. With lots of sections it comes over as a magazine on the screen. Currently one of my favourite articles in the "How To" section is compiling the ultimate toolbox.

There is also a very useful low price finder search engine. So you pick out an item that Tom likes and you want and then you can check lots of sites at once for the best price.


A COMPLETE, alphabetical list of every MP. Includes contact numbers, fax, email (where they have one) and even websites in some cases. There are also links from this site to find peers and contact details for various parliamentary offices.


NOW this site most definitely comes under the heading of "weird". This link takes you to tales from the New Testament -- in Lego... Hmm, The Reverend may or may not be a real Reverend but he certainly needs to get out more -- or maybe be locked in more.

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ON SITE: Yes, David Crausby's there too