DON'T let the appearance of the word linux in this url worry you, the Penguin is not out to get us here.

On this link you will find a superbly crafted and researched article about keeping your computer secure -- particularly on the web -- by Bolton computer security expert Ian Upton.

A lot of good sense here. Everyone who surfs the web should read it and act on Ian's advice.


THIS site is run along the same lines as the now famous Friendsreunited site but with one major difference.

Yes, you've guessed it, this one is designed to help former members of the armed forces to find old comrades. All branches of the forces and all ages can benefit.


HAVE you heard the one about the cat that ate a ball of wool? It had mittens.

This site is a favourite source of the humorous "fillers" I often put in our sister publication Limited Edition.

There really is something wonderful about a truly awful joke -- and this site is full of truly awful jokes.


STARTING off as a homage to the ubiquitous Commodore 64, this site -- a labour of love from Alistair "Boz" Bowness -- now also includes Atari, Spectrum, Amiga and even some arcade classics. Ah, the heady days of 8-bit!

Lots of nostalgic stuff (it's only the 1980s for goodness sake!) includes games and Boz's own remixes on some of the computer tunes we all know and love. All free to download.

Do you have a favourite website? Tell me about it on felson@boltoneveningnews.co.uk