GET your catchphrases ready, The Fast Show crew are coming to town.

Since the show was first aired in 1994 characters like Arthur 'Where's me washboard?' Atkinson, bronchial Bob Fleming and the slimy Swiss Toni have become dearer (and in some cases more irritating) to us than our own families.

Now Charlie Higson, Mark Williams, Arabella Weir, Simon Day and Paul Whitehouse have embarked on a massive reunion tour, taking on 60 dates in 20 arenas over three months including four dates at the Apollo, Manchester from Monday (October 14) to Thursday.

The Fast Show departed our TV screens more than two years ago now. And while in the nineties this kind of stripped down, ultimately daft but super-addictive comedy was pretty groundbreaking, when compared with the likes of The Office and The League Of Gentlemen, it admittedly seems less so.

Still, the chance to see the crew live onstage should surely not be missed and there is likely to be an eruption of applause when Ralph the toff, Ted the gardener and the Suits You Sirs take to the stage. Nice.