THINGS seem to have been a bit quiet of late, at least for me! I think it is because, having moved house recently, I've realised that decorating is not quite as instantaneous as it appears on Changing Rooms.

I've been praying for Carol to turn up (as long as she doesn't bring Laurence) but so far, no joy.

Ah well, such is life. Other than that I've been getting ready for the Key 103 competition which starts on Monday. Key 103 listeners could be in for a share of £30,000, which, let's face it, would come in handy. So, keep your eyes peeled for Key 103 packs, which you can get from H&M, KFC and Asda amongst other places.

All you need to do is text us on our special number and wait for a call. If you answer it with the words "It better be Key 103" then you will be quids in!

I see that the dynamic duo held on to their number one, despite the scantily clad Holly Valance trying for a second sultry number one. Poor love, she only got to number two, though, actually, that's very good when you consider how many Neighbours stars have fared in the pop world (Craig McLachlan, anyone?).

Speaking of pop, I'm also looking forward to the Smash Hits tour, which comes to the Arena in Manchester at the end of October. Tune in next week to find out who will be appearing.