OF course we all read the Bolton Evening News for the real lowdown on what's happening. But it is interesting to have a look through the front pages of the world's other top newspapers as well. On the last day I looked, the Denver Post was telling the good people of Colorado that there is sewage in their drinking water; Le Monde in France was spouting about "Les Etats-Unis" (again) and the Joong-Ang Ilbo of Korea was printed upside down... possibly.


WHY does "dry run" mean a practice and why do we say "a bolt from the blue"? Those explanations and hundreds more, are in alphabetical order on this site. And, no, I'm not explaining any of the above. Look them up for yourself.


DEVOTED to sheds and their near equivalents (properly arranged cellars), their use, their contents, and the culture of shedding. Every man reading this will want to log on immediately. Women will just be shaking their heads. There's even a newsgroup on this site.


TZI the Iceman was found in the Alps in 1991. He died approximately 5,200 years ago, becoming a mummy accidentally (and almost immediately) by the freezing weather conditions which turned him into the Iceman. A great deal of research has gone into the study of Otzi and a lot of it is detailed in this site. Fascinating.

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