THERE can't be many blokes over the age of 25 who hasn't woken up after a night on the beer without finding he is the proud owner of a strange ashtray, a traffic cone or a rogue garden gnome. We are talking beer trophies; strange items that, after ten pints, many funsters seem compelled to collect, so hilarious is the idea at the time.

Of course in the morning things look very different and handing back next door's For Sale sign with a rueful smile is not so funny.

So here is your chance to own up. This Beer Trophy Amnesty, launched by McCoys crisps, gives you the chance to confess to your crimes of inebriation by logging onto and telling your own story. Get it off your chest, read what other people got up to, and you might even win a trip to Amsterdam. Let's hope they nail down the windmills.