WELL, the Jubilee chart battle is over and Will Young has certainly got a smile on his face (even more than usual).

Not only did Pop Idol's answer to Frank Sinatra get to Number One with Light My Fire, but he also got to perform at the Queen's Jubilee alongside the likes of Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne.

My weekend was slightly less star-studded, but almost as enjoyable. Friday was the Key 103 Clubnite at Barbarrellas in Leigh and on Saturday it was night duty once again with a stint at 21 Picadilly in Manchester.

All that DJing can wear a man out -- so luckily I managed to wangle a couple of days off on Monday and Tuesday.

Having failed to book myself a decent holiday I decided to go on a picnic -- the sort of thing I like the sound of but never do.

So off we went to the supermarket to get loads of nice food and a big cool bag and on Tuesday we took the plunge, despite the dodgy weather, and drove out to Conway in North Wales.

I don't know if you have ever been but frankly all there was to see was a castle and the smallest house in Great Britain (a peculiar boast) which you have to pay 50p to get in to look around for five seconds (that's all it takes).

In fact, the only other thing people go to Conway for is to taste the finest fish and chips -- so obviously we binned the picnic and had chips for lunch instead!

Then it was back to work and suddenly it's nearly weekend again! Which means, of course, that I'm back in Bolton tonight at Ikon. So if you are out and about, I'll see you there.