THANKS to everyone who came down to Ikon last Friday -- I have to take my hat off to anyone who can party that hard after a Bank Holiday weekend!

I had a great night, and followed it up with a chilled weekend packing boxes (as I'm about to move house), going down to my local and treating myself to a Sunday night curry. All in all, a soothing time in preparation for the manic summer weeks which will soon be upon us.

I was pleased to notice, this week, that my reputation as chart predictor is secure -- Ronan Keating stormed to number one. What did I tell you? I'm well chuffed for the lad -- he was in the studio a few weeks ago, telling me how he moved to the US for about a year where he managed to get away from the prying eyes of the British press to throw his energies into his new album.

While we are on the subject of Ronan, here's two things you might not know about him: a) the first song of any new album of his is always a ballad and b) he is the hairiest man in pop. I swear. There, you don't need to join the Ronan Keating fan club when you've got me around do you?

It's been a fast turnaround of number ones over the last few weeks, with Oasis, Sugababes and Holly Valance taking turns for the top spot. Now I reckon that this trend will continue and Ronan could very well be replaced by Liberty X.

Okay, since Hear'Say seem to be floundering (and they were the ones who actually made it!), it might seem like an unlikely prospect, but I just have this gut feeling. Although it could just be that curry...