I HAVE been hearing a lot about the new series of Pop Stars recently and it has to be said I'm a bit disappointed with the way it seems to be going.

After all, the idea is surely supposed to be that we get to see the process of becoming a pop star (or not) from start to finish.

But apparently the organisers have been so snowed under with applications that they are going to be filtered before they even get to Pete Waterman and Geri Halliwell, which suggests the show might lose its edge. After all, what would Pop Idol have been without the YMCA girl? Or the mad blond spiky-haired chap who cried like a baby? Or indeed the guy who told Waterman that he would like to see him outside! Hmmm, actually, it's beginning to make sense now!

Speaking of Pop Idols I have to reiterate how good it is to see Darius at number one. In my opinion, Darius, as the tallest man in the world, is definitely deserving of the number one spot. He also gets credit for deciding not to release a cover version and a lot of people will respect him for co-writing this song, Colourblind. I wonder whether he will come good on that promise of a platinum album, though.

And there is a happy feeling about in the Key 103 studios at the moment as we bask in the glory of the Commonwealth Games. People are saying that they were the best games ever and I reckon they might be right. The closing ceremony showed that the North-west can put on a party like no one else... so just try and better that down in London why dont'ya!