I PAID a visit to Liverpool over the weekend, where I ended up at Aintree races. Luckily I arrived too late to bet all my wordly goods on a three-legged greyhound called Lucky, but I did get the chance to see Mis-teeq performing.

The next night was spent at 21 Picadilly, which was completely packed out. Everyone there seemed extraordinarily keen to get up on stage for the chance to win a Weekender 2 CD. It's amazing what some people will do for a freebie, you know!

I was in fine spirits after my weekend chart show which proved my number one prediction spot-on once again. Once dubbed "Flopstars", Liberty X have been through a rough ride since they were rejected for the top job and forced to change their name. But they have come out smelling of roses with their funky new song. Band member Tony told me that they were unbelievably chuffed to be gracing the number one spot.

Looking into the crystal ball of pop, my mind is drifting across the ocean. I can see a pair of dungarees, blond hair, attitude. Nope, not Christina Aguilera but the one and only Eminem, whose new single, Without Me, is a catchy little number with a quite hilarious video. I think next week's number one might be his for the taking.

Meanwhile, watch out for forthcoming tracks from Will Young, Atomic Kitten and London MC turned singer Miss Dynamite, and all of whom might have what it takes to top the charts. If only I could predict a winner at the dogs this easily...