WELL, I've been practising my speech all week and I'm finally ready -- it's the Emap awards ceremony in London tonight and in the event that I should win anything at all I'll be ready to wow them with my heartfelt poem thanking everyone I have ever met in the most emotional of terms.

Okay, not really. As if I would embarrass my Key 103 buddies like that!

Actually I plan to just sit back and enjoy myself, although not too much as I have detention on Saturday evening -- DJ-ing at 21 Piccadilly's School disco night as part of Keyfest.

What a shame that I won't be able to wear the obligatory uniform of short pants, blazer and tie (for the lads that is!). Alas I am going to a wedding beforehand and I don't think my pals would be too impressed if I marred their special day by turning up with freckles pencilled on to my cheeks and clutching a satchel!

On the chart front, Gareth Gates' single was released this week so watch out for that one. Called Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) it is a catchy little number and should bring the Pop Idol fans back out in their droves. Destiny's Child's Beyonce Knowles will also be releasing her first solo effort, Work It Out, taken from the forthcoming Austin Powers flick Goldmember, which could secure her future as a solo artist.

Next week I'll be speaking to my good friend Claire Sweeney of Brookside fame.


who is fresh from her stint in the West End and about to launch her new pop

career. For more on that, watch this space.