Wigan Road, Hunger Hill, near to Beaumont Road.


Very spacious bar, with a raised seating and snooker area (or it could be pool - what do I care - I'm female) and beer garden to the rear. The decor keeps within the current "pub" fashions and it's a firmly established favourite for locals.

Handbag or Heavy metal?

On a Friday and Sunday there are live DJs playing everything from the good old favourites through to the current chart toppers. It's a good place to warm up on a Friday before you hit town.

The In Crowd?

During the day a nice mix of families and business people enjoy a spot of lunch and on week nights again it ranges from young couples on first dates to older couples enjoying a sip of port. Over the weekend there's a good crowd of locals starting their night off in style amongst those settled in for the night. On Sunday there's a really good vibe of clubbers winding down from a hectic weekend as well as those larging it up because they've managed to get Monday off work, or they are just students who just don't care. Plus there's usually abit of talent in on Sundays.

What's the Damage?

Averagely priced bar and a delicious menu including children's meals, simple nibbles up to the full monty meals like Sunday roasts and Chicken Tikka Masala (which, may I add can give your local Indian restaurant a run for its money anyday!).


A very pleasant, chilled out pub with a good atmosphere on any night of the week. Sundays are worth checking out and the menu is one for nibbling your way through. It does lack something on Saturday nights though. So even if the Three Pigeons is the main reason for my hangover every Monday morning, it still gets the thumbs up from me.